I’m Evgeniy Gontcharov. Born in Russia in 1987, I moved to the Netherlands in 2001. My fascination with vehicles, ships, airplanes, and anything that could move started in childhood and has grown from playing with toys to embracing more substantial and intricate interests.

Driven by this passion, I pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Automotive Engineering, later advancing to a Master’s in Automotive Systems at HAN in Arnhem. In September 2013, I began a career at ENGIRO GmbH (www.engiro.de) as a development and test engineer. This role involved extensive prototyping, challenging learning experiences, and brought immense satisfaction.

After a fulfilling journey at ENGIRO, I decided to pursue my dream: modifying cars. Leveraging a decade of experience, I seamlessly integrated this passion with electric drivetrains. In line with German traditions, I proudly named my company EV-GO.